Pool Design

The shape of your pool doesn’t have to be ordinary, and a custom pool should NEVER be ordinary! The Keowee Pools design team will help you select the perfect pool shape and size to optimize  and enhance your space, providing an  environment for relaxation, physical fitness,  or entertaining. Tanning ledges, swim platforms, and “stepping stone” features lend themselves to relaxation, while resistance jets, lanes for swimming lengths, and water volleyball options are perfect for those seeking physical fitness.  Entertainment options include beach-entries for lounging, swim-up bars, and “lagoons”. Beach entries are also perfectly suited to disabled access , the elderly, or very young swimmers, obviating the need for stairs.

Our concrete pools can be designed to virtually any shape, from geometric to freeform, to infinity … and beyond!

Infinity pools feature edges of the pool over which water flows smoothly from water level into the horizon, providing the perfect foreground for a distant landscape or garden.  These pools are perfect for sloping sites, but can also be constructed on level ground.  Water is recirculated into the main body of the pool. The visual effect can be breathtaking.

Fountains and waterfalls are a common feature in luxury pools, and there are several types to consider.

A sheer descent waterfall is also called a water curtain. These are created with water falling over the pool’s edge from a smooth ledge (or from a spa) into the body of the pool.

A natural waterfall option is a rock or boulder waterfall. Rock waterfalls mimic nature by having water cascade artistically over natural obstacles and into the pool’s surface. This feature can be made even more realistic with the addition of built-in planters filled with foliage.

Laminar pool jets shoot streams of water into your pool in soaring arcs and arches, and are capable of  projecting water spouts up to eight feet in the air. The jets also allow you to put on pool shows at night by adding pulses of fiber optic light, which can light up an entire stream of water with color, truly personalizing your pool to your ideal. Jets can be hidden in landscaping around the pool.

Another impressive feature which is increasingly popular is the insertion of fire features into the pool landscape.  These are especially effective at night, combining the elements of fire and water in visually stunning displays.

Built-in LED lighting systems highlight the beauty of your custom pool, while offering a valuable safety feature. We provide lighting in a wide range of colors, which can be installed in tanning shelves and spas, or behind and beneath water features.

From waterfalls to arcing jets of water, we can help you create a peaceful and relaxing environment  in your own setting, and to your personal specifications.


Every Keowee Pool or Spa comes with a minimum 1 year Warranty. Some of the products and equipment we offer carry even more.  Be sure to ask about extended warranties.