Custom Features

Waterfalls are a common fixture in luxury pools, and there are several varieties to consider.

A sheer descent waterfall or water curtain falls languidly over the pool’s edge, from a smooth ledge and into the pool. This type of waterfall can be installed in any in-ground pool,  in various shapes and configurations. Differing examples include those with an extended lip, and others which are curved. All vary in length, and can be configured to conform to your pool’s unique shape.

One of the most beautiful and natural waterfall options is a rock waterfall. These mimic natural waterfalls by having water cascade over natural rocks, placed near the pool’s lip. This natural look is often enhanced with built-in planters, filled with foliage.

Spillways add a modern touch to contemporary pools, providing an architectural segway between spa and pool, while contributing the soothing sound of gently flowing water to your pool environment.

A spurting or traditional fountain can establish a striking visual when a pump is submerged on the floor of your pool, drawing water up to shoot artistic streams  into the air, in a decorative configuration. The water falls back into the pool, replenishing the water supply.

Waterfalls are synonymous with luxury pools at resorts or high-end homes, but can be installed into any pool landscape for a luxurious touch.
Any waterfall can be adjusted to either provide a discreet trickle of water or a thundering rush, based upon your preference.