Our process involves a detailed and meticulous design and construction plan, which ensures that everything is accomplished smoothly, from start to finish.

Step 1: Design consultation. We meet with you in person, to discuss options and survey the proposed site.  We take photos and measurements, which we then convert to 3D plans, for your consideration and review.  These allow you to envision the pool or spa within your space. Before construction begins, we ensure that every detail of your project is ready to go. Minor adjustments can be made when construction begins,  so that everything is as you wish.

Step 2: Layout. We’ll plot the size and placement of your pool. Painting of the perimeter occurs at this stage, and lines can be redrawn and reconfigured, according to your wishes.

Step 3: Excavation.  Once the plan has been approved, we dig and trim to your specifications, removing stones, stumps, and clay, and bringing in crushed stone, as required.

Step 4: Plumbing. We install water supply pipes, skimmers, return lines, overflow drain, in-pool top-up line, return lines, and any other water lines respective of the equipment required for your design.

Step 5: Structure.  Once the site has been fully prepared and plumbed, structural steel, grounding lines, and rebar are laid in.

Step 6: Shotcrete. After the site has been properly prepared, plumbed, and structurally strengthened, shotcrete is applied professionally by our ASA certified crews at a minimum of 4000 psi.

Step 7: Tile & Coping. The pool cavity will be capped and prepped with mortar, in preparation for  the hand-crafted tile of your choice.  You can select from a vast array of beautiful tiles, to complement your pool’s environment and PebbleTec selection.

Step 8: Deck construction.  Concrete forms, travertine, retaining walls, decorative walls, and other infrastructure will be installed around your pool, according to design specifications.

Step 9: PebbleTec surface finishing.  A mixture of white cement, limestone, marble, and semi-precious stones will be sprayed over the surface area of your pool.  Colors will alter, as water is added.  This is a natural phenomenon, reflective of light rays and water depth.

Step 10: Fill with water, and enjoy! We will provide advice about the addition of salt, ongoing (minimal) care, and will be happy to assist you with additional elements of your pool landscape,  including outdoor kitchens and bars, fire pits, Astroturf putting greens, or dining gazebos.  We also offer top-of-the-line vacuums, which are easy to use and tech-friendly.